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What does that mean?
Learning how to offer your company's products & services to the federal government.

FACT: Let's face it, the government has money! Starting this quarter, the government will be increasing contract opportunities with small businesses to help stimulate the economy in the midst of COVID-19 recovery, regardless of administration this will extend for the next few years!

There Are Many Reasons to Become a Federal Contractor
Federal & State governments buy everything they do not manufacture through the contracting process! State & Federal governments DO NOT manufacture anything!

EVERY product and service used in the government space is purchased through a contract of some kind. It buys everything from pencils & toilet paper to elevators or satellites and they are required by law to provide 23% of ALL Contract Opportunities and approximately $500 Billion annually to small businesses just like yours! So by adding federal contracting options within your business provides security because regardless of economic situation or a crisis, the government continues to buy!

The Federal & State Governments use a Contract as the binding agreement with a vendor to provide products and services to the government in exchange for payment for those goods later.

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Again, Why Government Contracts?

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A lot has happened in government contracts since 1775, that was a long, long time ago, what does the government BUY today? The federal and state governments purchase anything and everything they DO NOT manufacture, which is everything! Here are examples many people don’t think about, catering, professional services, landscaping, picture frames, cleaning supplies, computers, translation services, childcare, toiletry items, cleaning services, painters, real estate services, medical services, pet supplies, financial services and much, much, more! I will give a Bonus for anyone who can tell me what the Government Manufactures???

Federal Government is the LARGEST Consumer in the World!

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Government spending- In 2018, the government spent $4.11 trillion, add state & local agencies there was over $6.2 trillion dollars spent on contracts in the private sector.

Here is How the Federal Government ALONE spent money $$$ in 2018

Contracting Dollars Spent: $411,000,000,000+
$1.1 billion each day
$41.7 million each hour
$695,000 each minute
$11,583 each second

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This is an amazing Beginners Guide where you can learn the basics of government contracting and how certifications can help you win more contracts. Gain insider tips, techniques and advanced strategies companies are using to win government contracts right now. The Federal and State governments are looking for and in many cases required to use small businesses like yours to support contracts. These informative classes will teach you lessons learned and best practices for RFP responses known by PTAC, SBA, GSA and the rules associated with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) & DFARS. Find out How to Market your business to the government and how important it is to have a powerful capability statement.

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Because the Government is Looking for the Small Business Industry to Fill Contracts!

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Here are just a few examples of what the government purchased

Construction:    $28 Billion
Contracts:         137,000
Avg Value:         $204,000


Janitorial/Facilities:      $19.6 Billion
Contracts:                    41,100
Avg. Value:                   $446,000

Information Tech:  $32 Billion
Contracts:             107,000
Avg Value:             $299,000


Awarded to the Private Sector
Total Contracts:   2,482,980
Avg Value:          $180,000
Contractors:        600,000

Huge Opportunities in Gov-Contracts if YOU Have a PLAN!

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In this class, you'll learn how the sales process works in the government market. Learn how to navigate the contracting maze and accelerate your path to success in the government market. You'll realize that the government market is very different from the commercial market and why you need a different sales strategy. You'll discover some key tips on how best to build winning relationships and some pitfalls to avoid.

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  • Learn how to Gain access to over 97,500 federal and state government entities
  • Federal & State governments are open for any business
  • All Government budgets together are over $6+ Trillion dollars
  • Checks Never Bounce – Why? Because the Government can Print Money or Raise Taxes
  • If needed even Barrow Money to pay Prime and Subcontractors.
  • Getting started strategies guide you through the process
  • Learn what helps increase your chances of winning contracts
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    The Federal Government along with - Every city, county, and state lists economic development and job creation among its guiding principles, we are a value added resource to take the guess work out of the contracting and bidding process.

    Wouldn’t you like a portion of that $6.2 Trillion dollar budget? If you haven’t considered the government as marketing strategy, you need to consider opportunities as a subcontractor where you can partner with companies already winning contracts.

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    Who wouldn’t want a customer that generates millions of contracts every year in the private sector in all exceeding $6 trillion dollars, who is guaranteed to pay for products & services, prints their own money and buys everything!

    For me to sit here and tell you its easy would be misleading! That’s another reason why we bring you this complete video course. We provide you with a Government Blue Print to help you understand the government marketplace and how your company can continuously bid & win contracts.

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